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The coolest toddler cup in the cupboard! This spill-resistant sippy cup is perfect for home or venturing out with an active little one. Get the matching Mommy tumbler!!

Video showing spill-resistant. This cup is not spill proof however when held upside down you will have little to no drips. When shaken hard you may have a small amount of drips. As shown in the video it takes a lot of shaking. 

Please message us if you'd like a different color font or text and we will be happy to customize your sippy cup to your preference. 

Size: 10 Fluid oz. 6 5/8" Tall
Material: BPA-Free Plastic
Care: Hand Wash Only
Insert: Removable

The cup untwists in 2 spots. Liquid goes in the top section. The removable insert is in the bottom section. Do not put liquid in the bottom section.

Starbies Sippy Cup

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